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Karachi expert – Rat & Rodent removal treatment we are expert in the fled, our technician is train and expert rat & Mice removal services commercial area Residential area & Industrial area. first of all search of sources of rat  Where are his coming from?

then see how to close entrance area and sources, closed sources then how to rid mice & rodent, we have give best solution, By which we make your life easier and make you dizzy with these rats. if any requirement of rat treatment call now 0335-0643477


Rat & Mice Removal Process Duration Period

Rat & Rodent Fumigation Karachi

rat treatment- depend on area size. home and flats rodent treatment same method of process but industries and Commercial area treatment different. home treatment only mixture of medican treatment with bread, method of keeping medican Place inside the kitchen sink all cobord area The area below the bed and other place, which a way of children


What are the signs of a rat problem?

Once rats enter your home they will hide away and breed so you will soon have a major infestation. Recognise the signs early means you can eliminate the problem before it becomes severe.

Droppings   A rat produces up to 40 droppings each night. They are dark and shiny and about the size and shape of an olive. You’ll find them in large groupings (see adjacent image).

Urine puddles   Rat urine has a very sharp smell which you can’t miss.

Scratching   Rats can climb walls so you’ll hear scratching noises behind walls, particularly at night when they’re most active.


How to rid mouse & Rodent

Rat Treatment in Karachi

first of see that hidden space, where his hide then plan how to get catch this rodent, mice, and rat, best way is medican treatment.

We have many kind of method of catch of mice & rodent which have providing our customer but residential area and Commercial industrial rodent treatment & process different or depend of yards of premises.

Rodent Fumigation services

One of the most obvious signs of a mouse infestation is the presence of mouse droppings. These small, dark pellets can often be found near food sources, in drawers, cabinets, or along baseboards. Fresh droppings will appear moist and shiny, while older ones will become dry and crumbly. Identifying and cleaning up these droppings is essential, as they can carry harmful pathogens that may cause illness.


A mouse infestation can lead to property damage, health concerns, and discomfort in your home. Early detection is key to preventing these issues from escalating. By looking for the signs mentioned above, you can identify a mouse infestation in your house and get help from. which is advisable to eliminate these unwanted guests.


Preventing Rat-Related Diseases
Preventing rat-related diseases and rodent infection is crucial for maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Here are some steps you can take to minimize the risk of rat-borne illnesses:
• Proper sanitation: Keep your living or working space clean and free of food scraps. Store food in airtight containers, and promptly clean up spills and crumbs.
• Seal entry points: Rats can enter through small cracks and gaps in your building. Seal these entry points to prevent them from getting inside.
• Secure trash: Use rat-proof containers for trash storage and ensure they are securely closed.
• Regular inspections: Conduct routine checks to identify and address any signs of a rat infestation early.
• Professional pest control: If you suspect or confirm a rat infection seek the help of a professional pest control service to safely and effectively remove the rodents from your premises.


Rats can carry a variety of diseases that pose a risk to human health. It’s essential to take measures to prevent rat infestations and address them promptly if they occur. By practising reasonable sanitation, sealing entry points, and seeking professional pest control services help when needed, you can protect yourself, your family, and your community from the potential health hazards associated with these rodents.




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