General Insects

General Insects

Karachi -Expert General insects Treatment in Karachi Pakistan we are providing all type of insects Treatment Flying Insects Crawling Insects, Karachi fumigation Technician Staff is very train & Technical our field our services for residence, commercial, & industries if any requirement of pest control treatment so contact our concern teams he guide also how to rid pest our premises.


Termite Fumigation Karachi

Termite fumigation Karachi- termite is crawling pest in the world we have mention all details of termite services pages so kindly visit, termite is big issues surrounding in the world. i have visited may home villa Bangloz and other place and very big counts of Destruction whole wood items are fade away which counting of amount millions & billions, Karachi expert provide best solution of termite fumigation and termite proofing treatment, call to technician and shearing termite issue. 0335-0643477


Cockroaches Fumigation Karachi

cockroaches Fumigation Karachi- roaches is a crawling insects and this whole issue in the world, But most of them happen in flats, because in Karachi, a large number of people spend their lives in flats and there they are face of Roaches. Karachi-expert a specialty of cockroaches Exterminate treatment.

Cockroaches If you are at home or in the office, you feel a lot of Anger when you look around, and think how to rid this bad pest Which has forbidden my life

cockroaches now a days home and office and restaurant of a big problem. restaurant holder should be need get services every under one month complete fumigation They should keep their kitchen clean.


Bed bugs Fumigation Services

Bed Bugs Fumigation in Karachi- Bed Bugs a very pain full pest which has found in the world. If it has been comes your home office, can easily be transferred to other people’s homes and office so very painful insects.

Bed bugs. Few words strike such fear in the minds of travellers. In cities around the world, lurking beneath the plush blankets of otherwise pristine-looking hotel beds are tiny bloodthirsty beasts just waiting for weary wanderers to surrender to a vulnerable slumber. Though bed bugs today have infested the globe, the common bed bug is not a new pest at all. Indeed, as Brooke Borel reveals in this unusual history, this most-reviled species may date back over 250,000 years, wreaking havoc on our collective psyche while even inspiring art, literature, and music—in addition to vexatious red welts. Fumigation cost


Pest control services in Karachi

Pest control For General Insects is the practice of managing and controlling pests, which are unwanted living organisms, through various strategies and measures to reduce their impact on human activities and the ecosystem.


Pest control services are professional companies or individuals who offer specialized services to identify, prevent, manage, and eradicate pests in homes, businesses, or agricultural settings.


Pest control is used to protect human health, prevent damage to property and structures, and to safeguard agricultural crops from pests that can negatively impact yield and quality.


Pest control employs different methods such as chemical, biological, physical, and cultural techniques. Chemical methods involve the use of pesticides, biological methods use natural predators or pathogens to control pests, physical methods include traps and barriers, and cultural methods focus on modifying the environment to discourage pest activity.


Mosquitoes Fumigation in Karachi

Mosquitoes Fumigation in Karachi- mosquitoes is a harmful and dangerous flying pest he called also big illness so how to rid this illness pest if you have felling that mosquitoes in at your premises give quick first aid spray treatment. but this problem be also then contact to best fumigator which has resolve your mosquitoes problem.

Wood borer Treatment in Karachi

Wood borer fumigation in Karachi- this pest common in the world he found in wood  and he damages of wood his pest to call drill wood borer this make a drill at wood do the hole, makes the wood hollow The female lays her eggs inside A wood borer starts its life when a female beetle lays eggs, often within the wood itself – in cracks or old borer tunnels, for example.

As soon as you see them, their number increases, of that we give injection treatment every medican injected in every hole. if any have wood borer problem call now Karachi- expert- 0335-0643477


Rat & Rodent Treatment in Karachi

Once rats enter your home they will hide away and breed so you will soon have a major infestation. Recognizing the signs early means you can eliminate the problem before it becomes severe.

Droppings   A rat produces up to 40 droppings each night. They are dark and shiny and about the size and shape of an olive. You’ll find them in large groupings (see adjacent image).

Urine puddles   Rat urine has a very sharp smell which you can’t miss.

Scratching   Rats can climb walls so you’ll hear scratching noises behind walls, particularly at night when they’re most active.

Common Furniture Beetle and Woodworm

Wood Borer Treatment 

he most common species of woodworm in the Pakistan is the Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctuate). Despite its name, the Common Furniture Beetle is just as likely to attack joists and floorboards as it is to attack furniture.

The Common Furniture Beetle causes small, round holes in timber (approx. 1.5 – 2 mm diameter). It also leaves behind bore-dust and exit holes. When magnified, dust particles look like lemon-shaped pellets and feel “gritty” to the touch. A woodworm problem can be identified by the presence of these pellets, dust and holes.

Fumigation services 




Allergen Insects Treatment